Monday, December 3, 2012

Are you changing oil too often?

I’ve owned all kinds of cars and trucks in the many years that I’ve been driving. I’ve owned shop vans, pickup trucks, SUV’s and sports cars. Back in the “old” days, like when I was driving my new 1976 Camaro, (pictured here in 1976) I changed the oil faithfully every 3,000 miles.
However, today’s engines are much more technical, and therefore must require oil changes at least as frequently as the older cars did in their day, Right?  After all, anyone who has ever popped the hood on the family sedan has to admit, if they’re truthful, that all that intimidating sophisticated motor under the hood appears mind-numbing, to say the least, and therefore, more than ever, we must change the oil. After all, all the quick change lube places put a sticker on our windshields to help us remember.
What if the only driving you do is sedate, going- to-and- coming-home-from-work driving? Or taking the kids to school and to school functions? And maybe a side trip to Aunt Helen’s for Thanksgiving?
According to, a reliable auto website, we may be victims of our own paranoia, and spending way more money on oil changes that the manufacturer recommends.
When in doubt, read the owners’ manual for guidance, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
And read the interesting link:

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