Sunday, December 16, 2012

This is a poster I take with me to the car shows, and to my book signings. Cami is a real car, my 1979 Camaro Rally Sport. Unlike the Cami in my Rhetta McCarter mystery series,  the real Cami is only equipped with a V-8 305, the engine she was born with. That will change this winter. The 305 is smoking and my number one mechanic, Jeff,  thinks it needs a ring job. So into the shop Cami will go.
While she won't be getting a Corvette LS 1 like in the books, she will be getting a bored-over small block 350 and a new transmission to go with it. Those horses will definitely pick 'em up and put 'em down.
To add to the fun, Cami will also get an air conditioner so I can enjoy her more. The original Cami didn't have AC-- not fun in these hot Missouri summers. While Cami will be in the garage, she'll also be getting a few other new things-- new tail light lenses and a touch up on her white interior. She will come out in the spring, ready for the 2013 Show Season, and for me to enjoy her!
I was pleased to get an email the other day from Linda Rima, a lady after my own heart who also loves muscle cars. Her preference is the Mustang, and I gotta admit, I love 'em too! Linda put the muscle car feeling she got from Rhetta quite nicely."Thanks so much for a wonderful trip down muscle car memory lane.  I truly wish I had one of those Mustangs now.  Every woman should have a V8 once in her life!"

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